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The ProTrax production team is a group of music programmers, session musicians and arrangers that have been creating professional backing tracks and custom arrangements for three decades. Our backing tracks and custom arrangements are being used by performers, entertainers and educators from all walks of life. Visit our store or download catalogue.

Live performers, instrumentalists and studios can now order new backing track productions including stems. Stems are the multiple individual stereo tracks that make up the track production. For example, a drummer may require a full track without drums where the 'drum stem' will typically be removed. Contact us for a quotation or more information.

The ProTrax Recording Studio in Pretoria offers a professional recording environment for individuals and groups. Our studio team has been active in the South African recording industry since the early 1990s, creating high quality recordings for thousands of customers and productions.

If you're looking for a production-ready arrangement for your original composition, or an existing song to be re-arranged in a different genre, look no further. Over the years, our talented team of arrangers have created thousands of new arrangements for professional and up-and-coming artists from all walks of life. Contact us for a quotation or more information.

ProTrax Karaoke Exclusives are beautifully styled karaoke videos at a superb price for any occasion. The videos are created upon request and are supplied in MP4 format in the resolution of your choice. The videos are user-friendly and have a range of entertainment and educational applications. 

Dancing and singing competitions often have time limits or require special edits for entries or rehearsals. Our audio editing services include the customization of durations, tempos, and structures to meet specific requirements. We also create custom medleys for school productions and revue groups and have facilities to convert vinyl or cassettes to CD or digital formats. Contact us for a quotation or more information.

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