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Helmut Lotti - Thank You (Key: OR Dbmaj)

Helmut Lotti - Thank You (Key: OR Dbmaj)

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Title: Thank You
Format: MP3 Backing Track - Instrumental - Karaoke 
Created in the style of: Helmut Lotti
Genre: Classical & Classical Crossover; Special Occasion; Rock & Soft Rock
Language: English
Era: 2000s
Key: OR Dbmaj
Backing vocals: No
Lyrics: Yes


Thank you

Thank you

For showing me how to love and live

Thank you

Thank you

For teaching me how to take and give


All the kindness

And all the love I feel

That I no longer need to hide

‘Cause you are real

I never want to lose you

You’ve made my life complete

My heart will always choose you

‘Cause your love is oh so sweet


Thank you

Thank you

For making dreams reality

Thank you

Thank you

For loving me eternally


You’re in the shadow

While I’m standing in the light

Still it is you

Who always makes the darkness bright

Oh, I get all the flowers

And I have all the fun

While you get lonely hours

'Til you see the morning sun


So thank you

Thank you

For allowing me to love you all your life

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

For being my wife



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